Words Are Powerful Creatures

I like to think that there are an infinite amount of words available to humans. Just try and think of all the words in just the English language, go ahead. Bet you didn’t think of the word magnitude or the word ointment. Even if you did, by the time you named every word ever, 100,000 new ones would be invented. Language, therefore words, are evolving creatures. They grow up with us, come into existence merely because we need them to. They are there, hanging like fruit for whenever we need something sweet.

This being said, words are powerful creatures. They carry a weight that only the soul can lift. Words never hurt a person physically, no. Words hurt their spirit, their soul. Now, this could be a good or bad thing. Whatever your girlfriend/boyfriend says to you after a messy breakup is going to be a negative type of pain. The roast that went around the lunch table in high school is another example of this negative pain.

But there is a way that words make you feel a good type of pain. Sometimes you come across a certain string of words that make you stop. You’ve experienced this pain. You stare at the couple of sentences for a while. You get goosebumps and you feel butterflies in your sternum.

This is euphoric pain and it’s all made up of language. The language has made its way into your spirit, ripping it apart like a predator would prey, leaving you with your hand out begging for more.

This type of pain breaks your heart. It makes you shiver. It’s an immense pain that I can’t get enough of.

I wish to never become numb to the feeling of being stung by sweet words on paper, or the feeling of being crushed by the weight of spoken word.

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