$20 and Bad People

Allow me to tell you about the time I lent out $20.

Lending out these $20 created probably the worst night of my freshman year of college.

Anyway, I knew a guy. We’ll call him Abe for the rest of this post. He asked me for some money one weekend with the promise that he would pay me back once his paycheck was deposited in his bank account. I wasn’t using the $20 that I had in my wallet at the time, so I let him borrow the money. I would like to say that I didn’t know that he was going to spend it all on alcohol, but I had a hunch that he was going to spend it all on alcohol.

So, I gave him the money and I thought about how Abe and I were cool now.

Abe and a friend of ours (we’ll call him Sam) went out to a party that night. The rest of our friends and I stayed home and played video games all night. A couple of hours passed and we received a knock on our door. It was a fellow friend. Let’s call this guy Dan. He urged us to come with him to see Abe and Sam make their way back to the dorms. For some reason my curiosity was peaked, so I followed  Dan who was panting out of excitement. I followed Dan to a window that allowed us to see Abe and Sam stumble their way back to the dorms.

In their drunken state, Abe and Sam did a couple things. First, they took a couple of steps. Then, they paused. Then, Abe punched Sam in the face somewhere between 1-4 times. Then, they hugged it out. And repeat.

People are curious little things. I say this because we rounded up a couple of our friends and we decided to spy on Abe and Sam from up close. We put on our jackets and our shoes before we headed out.

By the time we reached Abe and Sam, they have traveled no more than 20 yards. They still were doing their ritual of step, punch, hug, and repeat. We were hiding behind buildings while these two made their way to the dorms. We followed them for about 20 minutes when Abe’s old roommate crossed their path.

Now, Abe’s former roommate became Abe’s former roommate because the two did not like each other. Anyway, he too was not in his right state of mind. He sees us following Abe and Sam, so he stops to asks us a couple of questions.

“You guys fucked up?” he asked.

“At least two of you guys fucked up?” he followed up.

The answer to his question of how many of us were “fucked up” was:

X<1, where X is not a negative number

Anyway, Abe heard the questions. He turned around and they locked eyes.


They exchanged F-bombs with their chins raised and their chests puffed out.

Abe then proceeded to charge at his old roommate. Abe would of killed this man if Sam was not there to stop him. His old roommate fled the scene and Abe got into the dorms soo thereafter. We see him do this, so we enter the building through the alternate entrance. We sprinted to our rooms and patiently waited, checking through the peephole every three seconds because Abe would have to pass by our doors to get to his room.

The plan was to not open the door and pray Abe got to his room safe. This plan lasted five seconds before Dan opened his door and let Abe in. Sam knocked on my door. Seeing that Dan already opened his door, I did too. Sam stumbled in our room and proceeded to tell us how he made out with three girls that night. Sam took about 20+ punches to the face, but he kept smiling about those girls he met.

I decided to check on Abe. He was sprawled out on the floor, crying uncontrollably on Dan’s floor. A few of us gathered around Abe who slowly stood up. He hugged one of my other friends and cried in his shoulders about how much he loved him. He kept this hug for a while until he spotted my roommate. Abe looked my roommate dead in the eyes and said, “I’m going to kill you.” My roommate left the scene not too soon after that.

When Abe finally let his hug loose, he tried to make his way to our RA’s room. Abe decided that fighting our RA would be a good idea. He stormed his way down the hall, with a couple of us trying to hold him back. None of us could stop him. However, while marching down the hall, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted someone he wanted to fight even more than our RA. Abe slowly turned his head to this man, who was hiding behind his door. Luckily, this guy managed to shut his door before Abe had the chance to rip his throat out,

At this point, I decided to go back to my room and call it a night. I got to my door and Abe saw me enter my room. He calls out to me and asks me for another $20. I told him I didn’t have any more money to give out, so he rushed me. I felt his fist hit my door as I slammed it shut.

My roommate and I decided to stay in our rooms for the night. Sadly, Abe’s rampage wasn’t over. Dan knocked on our door. I opened the door ever so slightly, having my roommate ready to help me shut the door if Abe tried to enter. Dan begged me to help him get someone up to our floor to contain Abe. I tried my hardest to find a number I could call other than 9-1-1. While I was doing this, I heard Dan scream.

I ran up to the peephole where I saw Dan run by while screaming out for help.

Before I tell this next part, you need to know a few things. The doors to our rooms can only be unlocked via swiping a card on, obviously, a card reader. Also, no one can open their door without swiping around three times because the card readers suck. Lastly, I am not a man of God. I am not a believer of a higher power.

With this being said, I cannot explain how Dan managed to open his door with one swipe of his card before Abe could catch up and beat him to death. I can only attribute this to the grace of God. It was divine intervention.

At this point in the night, everyone on the floor was in their room. The cops came and calmed Abe down. An hour or two later, we see Abe being carried away by the cops. All I could remember thinking about is how I was never getting my $20 back.

I learned two things that night. The first one was that bad people exist. An old teacher of mine told me that once I get to college, or the real world, I won’t have to be friends with everybody. Some people are just meant to be a passerby in your life and that’s ok. The whole saying about picking your nose and your friend’s nose is false. You cant totally surround yourself with the people of your choosing. Some people can help you grow as a person, and you can help them. They can encourage you, motivate you, and love you. Or, they could ask you for $20. It’s all up to you.

The second thing I learned is to never let anyone borrow anything more than just your pocket change because $20 goes a long way for someone that needs $20.




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