Guilty Pleasures and Other Things People Wear Like Hats

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. I don’t care who you are, you have a guilty pleasure. How do I know this? Well, it’s because everyone wears them like hats.

By this I mean guilty pleasures aren’t so guilty pleasure-y anymore. I feel like everyone likes to share what their guilty pleasure is. They display them. They flaunt them. They wear them like hats.

And at that point it’s not even a guilty pleasure anymore. The word is just so diluted these days. TV binges are a guilty pleasure. Shopping is a guilty pleasure. Every food imaginable is a guilty pleasure. Chocolate is a guilty pleasure. How is that a guilty pleasure? Literally everyone likes chocolate. You don’t need to feel bad about eating chocolate. Walk up to anyone on the street and ask them if they like chocolate. I am sure as death and taxes that they will say yes.

But, there are a few true guilty pleasures in this world. They are an endangered species. They are the last of the Mohicans.

I like pro wrestling. In fact, I love pro wrestling. I watch it every chance that I get. I am enthralled in the stories told, the technical in-ring work, pretty much everything about wrestling I love.

“Pro wrestling is fake,”  I already hear you say.



You don’t say?

Of course it’s fake. I don’t watch it because I think it’s real. Your favorite drama on TV is fake. Your reality show is most likely fake. The cartoons your kids watch? Yup, they’re fake. We watch these shows because they entertain us. Pro wrestling entertains me. It’s that simple.

Well, to some degree it’s fake. People tend to think that just because the outcomes are predetermined, it makes it all fake. These pro wrestlers do some really dangerous stuff sometimes. They dive off ridiculously high places, they get hit with steel chairs, they get power bombed onto some thumbtacks, etc.

Steve Austin was a wrestler back in the day. He was wrestling another man by the name of Owen Hart. About 15 minutes into the match, Steve Austin received a sit down piledriver by Owen Hart. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Steve Austin landed too hard on his neck and broke it. He was momentarily paralyzed. Oh, but this didn’t stop Steve Austin. He managed to go ahead and continue the match and win, like what was originally planned. Steve Austin’s neck broke for real. He really had surgery, and actually was out of action for several months. It’s not all fake.

Pro wrestling is a true guilty pleasure of mine. In a world where guilty pleasures are shouted out for the world to hear, I find myself whispering mine. That’s how it should be for all of us. If I find it entertaining to see two sweaty dudes go at it inside a steel cage for the world heavyweight championship, then I should be embarrassed. That’s the thing about guilty pleasures, you should have to defend them because if you don’t have to, then they’re just pleasures.

You should feel embarrassed of your guilty pleasure. You shouldn’t wear it like a hat. You should hide it like a bad haircut. These types of things make up a person. It’s what makes you unique. They make you interesting and quirky. But, if you don’t agree…

Go eat your fucking chocolate like the rest of the world.

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