A Work in Porgress

The following is a draft for a poem that I have written. I have no title for it.

I like the love poems and stuff like that. It warms the heart. I thought I’d just post the poem while it’s still relatively raw. I wrote this at the beginning of this year. The poem is in its second draft and it has a long way to go. I fancy the second half of it more than I do the beginning half. I just think the first half is weak. I spent the past hour and a half thinking and editing just one stanza, and I still don’t feel that good about it.  Also, I feel something there in the second-to-last stanza. I just can’t seem to draw it out just yet.

There are ideas that I have in the poem that just need to be messed with more. This is actually the first piece of my writing that I have openly put out there for strangers to see, so I’m kind of nervous. This is probably because I don’t feel like this poem is my best, but I gotta start posting projects on here soon, so here you go.

Read it, love stuff, hate stuff, feel stuff.

While you do that, I’ll keep chipping the marble  with my pen and pencil.

I wish you everything but the best.

I wish you burn easily

That you have cold hands

A singing voice with all heart, but no talent

And that you panic at the sound of thunder

I wish you the inability to say cinninim… ciminum… cinnamon

And that you can’t help but snort when you laugh

That your snores are thunderous and rough like sandpaper

So you wake yourself up in a panic

I wish you say no the first time I’m on one knee so

I can get it right the second time. That

You get cold way too easily and set the thermostat at 70 when

You clearly know I like it at 60, so then

We can learn to compromise at 65.

I wish you weird cravings at 3am

So it would be funny seeing you eating charcoal,

Getting pieces in between your teeth

And in your mouth

That way the “I love you” that you whisper to me catches fire and keeps us warm

Until 4am,

When this time you want canned tuna.

I wish you crow’s feet,

And deep wrinkles

So I can see your entire life etched out in them when I make you laugh.

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