Ranch and Other Things You Refuse to Pay Extra for.

No matter how bad the service, I always have to leave a tip.

My first job was at a restaurant that was located next to the golf course back home. I would wash dishes and wait tables. I was paid under the table because I was not old enough for the job, but don’t tell the government that.

That being said, I didn’t get tips added to my paychecks because I didn’t get paychecks. Instead, I got $50 each time I came into work. That might seem alright for a kid who is only going to work for five hours or so, but I worked 14 hour shifts. I couldn’t drive and I had to work the same hours as my mom who was a line cook there.

So there I worked at this restaurant for 14 hours a day for about 5 days a week for $50 each day. This came out to $3.57 an hour with no tips.

“Wow, that’s shit pay!” I hear you say.

Yes it is indeed shit pay.

But then I’ll tell you that the federal minimum wage is $2.13 an hour and then you’ll think I was lucky.

In Colorado, the minimum is $5.29 an hour, but that sounds terrible too.

Now, I stretched $50 out when I was a kid. I didn’t have bills or any type of debt to my name. All I had was $50 to spend on whatever I wanted. So, for some waiters/waitresses tips are what pays their bills and keeps off debt.

I know that there are many tables to be served in a day, and that equates to a lot of tips for a person. Does this mean that you shouldn’t tip? No, it does not mean you shouldn’t tip. If everyone has the mindset that the waiter/waitress has a lot of other tables to give them tips, then they would never get a tip. If every number written down on a napkin for the hot waitress to look at and roll their eyes at was a dollar, then maybe I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

Even if the service is bad, that doesn’t mean the person serving you deserves to worry about paying her upcoming bills at the end of the month. That just means that they are bad at their job. And you shouldn’t expect much from people who are being paid $2.13 an hour.

You expect to have a meal worth the quality worth the money spent from people who only expect $2.13 every hour. There’s an imbalance here.

Just tip. The money doesn’t go to a shitty waiter/waitress, it goes to a person with real struggles and problems.

Besides, how much is an extra 15% to you price? This waiter/waitress refilled your drink four times and gave you extra ranch, you spoiled douche.

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