She Didn’t Text Back (A Revisit)

For those of you that have read the first installment of this story, you’ll be glad to hear there were events that happened that made me write this revisit.

If you haven’t read the first She Didn’t Text Back yet, please do so because the following will not make sense if you haven’t.

She still didn’t text back.

I thought this saga in my life was over. I though this story arc had come to an end long ago.

The Other day I was going to play a friendly pick-up game of basketball. In my suite, we don’t have a water fountain to fill up our water bottles. We have a sink, but I have a thing where I can’t drink out of there. I think it’s because I brush my teeth at the sink and I don’t swallow the water then because I’d die via toothpaste ingestion, and not swallowing becomes a habit, so I don’t do it even for hydration purposes. Either way, I had to go downstairs to refill my water bottle so I could keep hydrated in between games.

I walk down this narrow hall with no accessible doors on either side until I get to the very end where the water fountain lied. I fill up my bottle with water. So far so good.

I finish doing this and turn back to walk back through the narrow hallway. I look up and there she was, on the other end of the hall, walking my way.

There was nowhere to go but straight. I couldn’t duck her somehow. This crossing of paths had to be done to go about my day. So, walked her way I did. When she got close enough to say hi (not too close as if I forgot to say hi until the last possible moment, but not far enough away where it’s awkward after the exchange of hellos happen and both of you keep looking straight forward to not make eye contact), I said hi. She said hi back. We crossed paths and I was about to go up the stairs as she got into the elevator. Crisis averted.

So I thought.

Just as I opened the door to the stairwell, she stopped me.

She called my name and I answered. She asked me if I ever got her text. If you read the last blog post on this topic, then you know that I did not.

I told her that I did not receive such a text. She said that that was odd. She told me that she texted me to go out for lunch sometime, but I never responded.

Two things went through my head.

  1. I have traveled to a different dimension where I never texted her back, and she owns a blog where she got on an wrote about it and called the post He Didn’t Text Back.
  2. She has the wrong number.

I decided to follow up on 2 and see if she had the right number. She did. Maybe it was a mistake on my carrier’s end. Who knows, the point is she wanted to get lunch.

Anyways, I told her that we should get lunch in the proceeding couple of days. She agreed. I told her to text me or call me seeing how my number was verified in her cell.

Beautiful. Now all I have to do is wait for a text.

And I think I will continue waiting because this actually happened around three weeks ago.

Like, I understand not giving a response the first time. She just wasn’t interested, that’s fine.

But again?

Does she derive some pleasure from not sending text messages or something? I cannot understand why she would stop me from going about my day to tell me that she wanted to get lunch to then not follow up on that, thus not getting lunch, again, leaving me at the same spot I was prior to this whole thing.

Then again,

We already didn’t grab coffee, now we didn’t get some lunch. I say we’re hitting it off quiet well.

-H.G. Salas




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