Astronauts and Other Things We Sent to Space

I wonder what aliens think of us.

Before I start writing what will be this blog post, I would like to link to the video that inspired me to write it. It’s 5 minutes long and worth the watch.


Ok. So in 1977, NASA sent a space probe called Voyager 1 out into space carrying certain pictures that would be seen by ‘aliens’ if they were to ever intercept it. They also sent some pictures on board of Voyager 2. In total, there are 116 pictures drifting out in space, outside of our solar system, waiting to be seen by non-human eyes, or eye. Who knows the number of eyes an alien has.

Here is a link to the list on the official NASA page:

Anyways, among the 116 images, exist what one would think we would take to space. There is some math littered here and there, some human anatomy, and some pictures of other planets.

What I’m concerned with is some of the weirder pictures. There is a picture of what is described as a demonstration of humans eating, drinking, and licking. Here it is.

Now, I have to point out some things.

  1. Why is there a bite mark on the other side of the sandwich that the middle guy is holding?
  2. No human eats a sandwich this way. Why would we want to give aliens the impression that we take a bite out of our sandwiches on different ends each time?
  3. The sandwich the man is holding looks pretty whole (aside the first bite on the other end). That being said, why is he not holding the whole sandwich with two hands? This particular sandwich looks too big to be holding it with one hand.
  4. On to the person on the right. Why is he drinking water like that?
  5. Who drinks water directly from a pitcher?
  6. That’s a really weird looking pitcher.
  7. The person on the right has a death grip on the ice cream cone.
  8. All three people are only using one hand to eat, thus giving the impression that humans only have one hand (the right hand).
  9. Now the aliens are confused because we sent pictures of the human body that show us having two arms, but this picture only shows us having one.

Next one.

  1. Who sells basketballs and toy cars above the vegetables?
  2. She better pay for those grapes she’s eating.
  3. $1.29 for potatoes? What a time to be alive!

Ok. On to the more serious part of the blog. We did not send anything that has to do with religion to space. We sent 116 pictures that we thought summed up Earth as best as possible, but religion was left out. Why?

Maybe it’s because if aliens do find the space probes, that dilutes some religions. I know to tread lightly here, but if there are aliens, then we aren’t that special. Would we have heard about aliens in Genesis, and if not, what happens if aliens turn out to be real? If Christ died for humanity’s sins, who died for the alien’s sins? Or are they humanity too? Do they count as humanity? If so, they aren’t aliens after all. Then, we just sent 116 pictures explaining ourselves to ourselves.

Then again, maybe our pictures will never be found because there is nothing out there. . No one will know the beauties of this world and we’ll keep them to ourselves, until the end of time. Maybe both Voyager 1 and 2 will drift down space forever and no one will know how we eat our sandwiches.

I guess no one would know either way because no human eats their sandwich like the guy in the first picture in the first place.

-H.G. Salas

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