Simply Art

Art is not supposed to look pretty. It’s supposed to evoke a response. The goal is not to perfect art, but to use it to share emotions.

I feel like humans are pretty lonely things. We’re really complex thinking machines with intricate feelings that we can’t share with anyone else. We’re kinda locked within our minds and bodies. No one really understands one another. We’re floating around like messages in a bottle with no one to open us up and read our contents.

“But we can talk to each other about what we’re feeling,” I hear you argue.

Sure, I agree 100%, but I also believe wholeheartedly that words are a form of art. Here’s the thing. I don’t think that in the history of man, a writer or speaker thought that their piece of work described exactly what they were trying to write or say. Then again, I’m not a writer, nor am I a professional speaker, so I wouldn’t know. But, for the case of this blog, take my word for it.

So words are art just like art is art, and we’re trapped inside ourselves. Got it? OK.

This emotional and mental incarceration is why art exists. Art is a divine gift. Man did not invent art. That shit was gifted to us by something higher than us. It’s untainted. It’s pure. It’s holy.

Anyway, art exists so we can share with one another the stuff within ourselves. By this I mean that art is a medium to send our thoughts, emotions, opinions, feelings, and other synonyms to one another.  And because people are trapped within themselves, the message sent might get altered somehow. It might change form on its way to the receiver. This is why we say art is subjective. But this is OK. Having someone enter the realm of our mind and leave their mark proves to us that we aren’t really alone.

Think of the game, Telephone, that we all played in the school. Also think of every person that views a piece of art as one of two people. They are either the first person in Telephone to hear the sentence in their ear, and successfully takes that sentence and passes it to the ear of the next person in line verbatim, or, they are the first person that doesn’t quite understand the sentence and takes the sentence that used to be ‘Please go ahead and sign up for email notifications for this blog’ to ‘Hec, your blog is garbage,’ (Or something along those lines).

Now, each one of these two people either know what the artist is going for in their work, or takes meaning from it that was not its original intent. Both instances are perfectly fine things to happen.

If I write something that’s supposed to make you feel happy, and you walk away mad, them fantastic. I did my most basic job as an artist. I made you feel stuff. That’s the whole point of the blog. That’s kind of the tag line of the blog: Love stuff, hate stuff, feel stuff. I can’t ask for anything more than a response from my audience, even if it’s not how I intended them to react. If you read through any one of my blog posts and you feel nothing at all, you didn’t laugh, you didn’t smile, you didn’t think about what I said, you didn’t hate it, you didn’t like it, please let me know so I can take it down.

I’d rather you hate everything I write than have you think it’s bland. Because if it’s the latter, then we’re both wasting our time, you reading; me writing.

-H.G. Salas

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