Carpe Diem

Bill Nye said once in a conversation about the meaning of existence that went something like, “Why leave the world in a worse state than when you found it?”

For the life of me I cannot find the quote, but you get the point.

This is interesting to me. I super believe in this quote. When we talk about the reason you and I are alive, I would point to the idea that there is no reason. There is no divine “other” that has put us on this planet. I don’t want to get into religion in this particular post, but stay with me here. If you see things from my side, the side that gives no reason to our existence other than because “we just do,” then everything feels more profound.

The meaning of life is something that has been searched for since humans were around. Okay, maybe cavemen weren’t having existential problems like their mortality or the meaning of their life, but you get the point. For a very long time, people have been trying to find out what the meaning of life is.

When I say the meaning of life, I mean why are we existing? Is there a purpose to our life? Does any of this matter at all? If you ask me, I would say that none of this truly matters. There is no goal that I am supposed to be striving for given to me by an otherworldly power.

It is kinda sad to think about life like that. However, it’s really not. If anything this makes my life more exciting. I have one chance to live this life and after that I will cease to exist. This way of thinking is just making every minute of my being valuable. If my time is valuable, then I am valuable to at least myself. I think that’s what people really want out of life when it comes down to it, to be valuable.

Well shit!

If I’m already valuable to myself then I’m already living the dream!

But not exactly.

Another thing that people should really strive for in life is to make others feel valuable too. I think most people deserve to be valued for the person that they are. I say most because I am excluding serial killers and other people that hurt other human beings. If your existence doesn’t hurt people, you should then be valued.

I say this because in the world we live in (at least in my eyes), nothing has a meaning and this can be a very sad viewpoint to have. If life has no meaning then I have no meaning. I should then focus my life, or at least adopt the incoming philosophy into my life, on helping others not feel so worthless. It should be all about love maaannnn.

If, in my life, I can make others feel better about who they are and what they contribute to the thematically empty world, then I gain meaning into my own life. This meaning, of course, is meaningless, but this allows me to get through each day. In this quest I have created a synthetic meaning to my life to make me happy. I’m fine with that. I have created my own reason to why I exist; I have become my own divine being. I have adopted love as the driving force to my life.

Now, this implies that I gotta love almost everyone (serial killers and whatnot excluded). That’s also fine with me. I should not discriminate my love for people.

For example, lets take the LGBTQ community. I hear sometimes from their non-LGBTQ relatives, friends, or strangers that they love the LGBTQ person, but cannot accept or tolerate their way of life.

Well shit.

That’s a paradox in my eyes. You can’t pick and choose characteristics of a person and create a false persona of said person. “I love these aspects of you, but not those. Those are wrong in my eyes.” I don’t like that when you love someone, you choose to love them how they come. You can’t order a box of Legos and send back all the red ones because you don’t like them.

This does not mean that you can’t disagree with anyone; that you have to conform to everyone else’s way of life. This, however, means that you have to accept people’s differences and ways of living their life. If their way of life is hurting no one, then why should you care if it doesn’t line up with your own viewpoints. Let them live how they want. Let them be happy.

Also, don’t just tolerate people’s differences. Stop tolerating people and start loving them in a wholesome manner. In another example, don’t hate me for liking pineapple on my pizza. Accept the fact that I do and love me damn it!

Do not leave the world in a worse place than it was when you came in? Make sure that there is more love and acceptance in the world when you take your last breath. In your actions, you will survive the nothingness that is our existence after death for just a bit longer.

I know it all sounds hippy dippy when I try to advocate a life of love and value and meaning…

But then again, why would we settle for a life filled with anything less?

-H.G. Salas



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