For Those Who Pray For Me Sometimes. (Unedited)

If you have every prayed for me, I thank you.

I am not religious. I do not have a faith in a higher power, but I still thank those who have ever prayed for me.

Prayer is a sacred thing, I assume. People pray about their hopes and ambitions. About people and goals. About love and themselves. About suffering and blessings. About the future and fears. And somehow a few people manage to squeeze in a little time for me.

I know my mom prays for me nightly. She takes time before she sleeps so she could pray for my well being. I’m 19 now, and I know my mom doesn’t fall asleep without praying. I don’t know how many times I’ve showed up in her prayers, but it’s gotta be more than how many times I’ve prayed total in my lifetime.

A friend of mine once asked me if she could pray for me. I am grateful that I know people that want the best for me. I don’t know if she did pray for me, but the gesture of asking was enough. (Thanks Shannon).

I don’t know how many other people pray for me. But if you have every prayed for me, I thank you deeply. I know how important prayer is, and it’s a testament to how much you care.

Dear reader, if you know someone is praying for you at night, thank them for thinking about you. You should be flattered that people want you to be well off.

If somehow there is life after death, and I end up being wrong, then I know there have been people keeping a connection with God for me. These people make sure God doesn’t forget my name. They keep me alive.


I can rest easy that people some people out there have been praying for me.

Because God knows I haven’t.

-H.G. Salas

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