Climate Change Karate (Unedited)

So climate change totally is a real thing. Like, come on guys, it’s a thing that undoubtedly exists. Much like gravity and the death of Nelson Mandela in 1991. In 2017, I think the majority of people believe that humans are advancing climate change at unnatural rates.

I am no scientist. I am no climate expert. I am no weather man.

I don’t claim to know all the statistics about climate change, or its consequences. I can’t give out percentages and numbers off the top of my dome. There are people that are a lot more qualified to be able to do so that are not myself. However, this does not mean that I don’t try and do some research on the topic. I know a thing or two. If we are ranking my knowledge of climate change based on karate belt color, I would very much be a high yellow belt.

And being the yellow belt that I am, I must take into heavy consideration the advice and guidance of the belts above me. The black belts of the climate change conversation obviously have been doing this a long time and outclass me in every way. This is why I must take what the black belts tell me very seriously. New info and new techniques come out all the time about how to better your climate change karate. New tech gets developed and launched that helps reduce our footprint and minimize the toxic shit we vaccine our Earth with.

Oh and let me tell you! Practice and training is hard. Climate change karate takes discipline and skill, with a bit of creativity. Have you ever tried climate change karate? It’s all really hard to get good at. I throw away so many things per day. I drive a car with 108,000 miles in its history. I have driven a lot of those miles myself. I can’t just stop using my car because that wouldn’t be practical. And that’s the thing. Climate change karate will only be popular when it becomes practical to the rest of the world. Take for example the CFL light bulbs. These days, they all are extinct because LED light bulbs (among other types) have replaced them all. The LEDs are a lot more Eco-friendly, in terms of using energy, but, what could be more inciting to people, it lasts so much longer that CFLs.

And I know. Light bulbs are about as fun a topic as light bulbs, but just take it as an example of practicality seeping its way into environmental issues.

So back to climate change karate.

Eventually your time will come when you spar with the rival dojo. There, the Cobra Kais of the world exist.

Pause. Truth be told, not everyone that doesn’t believe in climate change should be compared to Cobra Kai. That’s dumb to think so. But like climate change isn’t Big Foot. We don’t go into Squatch Country looking for climate change. It’s observable to varying degrees.

Regardless, chances are you will one day face off against a Cobra Kai. Assuming like your anything like myself (remember! a high yellow belt), you will discuss and eventually argue climate change being a man-made thing with the Cobra Kai. You will both spit out statistics and numbers that can’t be fact checked at the moment and are off by a percentage or ten.

Yellow belts tend to only fight yellow belts, and black belts tend to fight black belts. The two face-offs are drastic in level of skill exhibited. However! this yellow belt wants blood and will show no mercy to draw it. He will sweep the leg. You are but a mere yellow belt, but must remember your training! Do not deviate from the sensei’s wise words. He has taught you facts. He has taught you universal truths. Do not add your own statistics and “facts” in order to gain the upper hand in the duel.

That is not honorable.

H.G. Salas

Okay. I haven’t update the blog in a really really really really long time due to the fact that my house has the internet capabilities of three steamed carrots. I’ll try to pump some of these out over the summer while I’m back home. I’m also going to try my hand at video essays. That’s going to be in the fall.

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