Ignacio Ends Up Dead at the End

Mario and his brother Ignacio played in their room. Well, really it was Mario’s room. His superhero and wrestling posters were the ones hanging on the walls.

Regardless, Mario was playing with his action figures. He likes to make the sound effects for the battles he creates, but he doesn’t like it when people hear him. So, he whispers the explosions. He hides his pleasures through a breathy voice.

“Hey, Mario! Can I play too?” Ignacio asked. He pointed his finger at the action figures Mario was flinging around.

“Yeah, sure.” Mario didn’t look towards Ignacio. He lazily played with his toys.

“What’s the matter, Mario?” Ignacio asked.


“No, c’mon. What’s wrong?” Ignacio asked again.

Mario stopped playing with his toys. He still couldn’t look at Ignacio. “You’re just going to leave again.”

“Yeah you’re right. Which is why we gotta play right now while I’m here!” Ignacio said.

“I wish you visited more.” Mario whimpered. His lip quivered and he cried.

Ignacio gave a pity smile. He knew there was nothing he could do.

“I love you.”

Mario cleaned his tears with his sleeves. He finally looked towards Ignacio. “I love you too.”

“Can I come play now?” Ignacio asked.

“Yes. You can be Mega-Lord.” Mario put out the blue toy in his hand.

Mario and Ignacio played superhero together for who knows how long. The important thing was that Ignacio finally visited. It’s just been so long. Six months now? Eight?

“Mario! Come get your dinner!” Mario’s mom called out. Mario’s room was closed. He heard his mother’s voice from the kitchen. Mario shot up. His eyes were wide.

“Come get dinner with mom!”

“I’d love to, Mario, but I can’t”

“Mario! It’s time for dinner!” his mom called out again.

“Wait! I’m playing with Ignacio!” Mario replied.

His mom’s footsteps were heard coming up to Mario’s door. She crept it open just enough to see her face.

“Mario, c’mon. Let’s go eat.” his mother said. Her voice was softer.

“Can Ignacio come eat to? Can he come with us?” Mario asked.

“He’s always with us. No matter where we go, Ignacio is looking over us.” his mom said.

“Ignacio, you hear that? You can come!” Mario said.

Mario’s mother took him by the hand. The two walked out of the room and to the kitchen.

“Yes, honey. He can come. I’ll save him a seat.”





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