Sometimes I lay in my bed at night and wonder why is one eye more adjusted to the light than the other.

And I lay there in the dark. 

Winking at the night.

But my eyes don’t adjust the same so I never rest.

And that’s how life is a lot of the times I do think.

Just a bunch of asymmetry.

That’s why I think two people don’t fall in love at the same time.

One always does before the other.

And why is that weird?

Why is it weird to wait for someone to love you?

Aren’t we all doing that already?

And sometimes I switch eyes and I pretend I’m a pirate.

And I wonder what treasures can I find and take.

And I wonder how much more I take than how much I give.

I assume the ratio is is large.

And I wonder how many more of us takers are out there.

Probably lots.

And I thank the givers, the few there are.

Because they must give a lot to feed hungry people like me.

And I think about God a lot when I lie there with one eye open.

And how one-sided our conversations are these days.

I’ve tried closing my eyes real tight when I pray.

That was long ago.

And my mom sometimes says I have to get to know God again.

And I think to myself, I’ve known him all along.

He’s one of my characters in my writing

Just nobody notices.

Finally, I turn my pillow and close my eyes

And I rest.

At least for tonight.


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