Donde Votar?

Donde Votar?

Where to vote?

Donde Votar? was Google’s top search on election day. Donald Trump wasn’t involved. Medicare wasn’t involved. No caravan. No political agenda. Just a whole mass of Spanish-speaking people asking where they could vote.

It goes to show that America’s Spanish-speaking citizens are out there willing and able to take part in democracy. These Americans targeted so aggressively in right-wing media are the one’s most hungry to use their vote.

Spanish-speakers didn’t vomit out any defamatory statements. They didn’t throw any mud. They didn’t stoop to grimy and low-effort smear tactics.

No. No.

We group took all the hate and slander thrown at them in humility. We sponged up all the hateful rhetoric and racist remarks. We heard what they said about us and we waited for the right time to get our revenge.

We took that hate, turned around and googled, Donde Votar?

Happy election day.


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