Maria sat with her legs crossed tight enough to amputate a man’s hand if it found itself anywhere near them. She didn’t know much English, she carried all her money in cash, and she didn’t have her husband next to her. All she had was three children waiting in her suburban, pining for mushroom pizza.… Read More Ongos

Someone Else

Flight 183 was a private airplane operated by Pilot Gregory that carried 3 passengers who didn’t want to be themselves. Instead, Pilot Gregory and his passengers wanted to be their future selves that each one had methodically planned out the lives for down to the smallest detail. On the other side of this flight, everyone… Read More Someone Else


My Grandpa used to say at Christmas, “Que se lo ponga, que se lo ponga!” This roughly translates to, “Put it on! Put it on!” He’d say this every time that one of us (be it family or otherwise) got clothes for whatever Christmas we had the fortune to have him over. I don’t know if… Read More Javier


Andres pulled his car in the third spot from the first spot in front of the doors of the local supermarket. His dusty Toyota Tacoma sounded like there was gravel grinding the gears down as he made the switch from drive to park. His wife Vivian always winces at the sound. She thinks it’s going… Read More Ricky

Being Awake, Being Asleep, and Other Things That Happen While I Sleep (Unedited)

I have sleep paralysis two times a week on average. Sleep paralysis is a state of paralysis that occurs when you are waking up or falling asleep. You are physically unable to move, even though you are “awake.” Your body usually releases chemicals into your body that stops you from acting out your dreams while… Read More Being Awake, Being Asleep, and Other Things That Happen While I Sleep (Unedited)